Recording Studios

Here they are: The top-class recording studios for you to enjoy and get the most out of your recording project.


Smecky Studios

Smecky studios has become on of the most popular scoring stages in Eastern Europe. The space large enough to take in the full-scale symphony orchestra and team of highly experienced sound engineers easily live up to the expectations of the most demanding projects.

Czech Television Studio

Music Studio of the Czech Television has more than 30-year tradition of recording all music genres: from the contemporary pop to classical and scenic music. During the last ten years, most of the Czech films and TV series music' has been recorded here. The space accommodates up to 70 musicians.

CNSO Hostivar Studios

Studio 1 at Hostivar offers the ideal combination of an acoustically perfect space, state-of-the-art recording equipment, and an experienced team of technicians and audio professionals. 

Czech Radio Studio

The studio of the Czech Radio is currently the most modern recording studio in Prague. It is one of the largest studios in the country and can accommodate 100+ seat orchestra. For decades it has been the home of the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra.