We have just finished recording music for the very much anticipated Czech film Milada, a movie about a victim of judicial murder committed by the communist party on fabricated charges of conspiracy and treason. As expected, the collaboration with director David Mrnka and composer Aleš Březina was beyond fantastic and "our own" Metropolitan Prague Orchestra has delivered a superb performance. Can't wait to see the premiere already this November!

Rickard Söderberg: Make the Yuletide Gay

At the end of the summer, we had the pleasure to collaborate with an outstanding Swedish tenor Rickard Söderberg on his upcoming Christmas album: Make the Yuletide Gay. Prague Metropolitan Orchestra was conducted this time by a swift hand of well-rounded composer and producer Nils-Petter Ankarbloma. Having arranged the orchestral parts himself, Mr. Ankarbloma was naturally the mosta competent person to carry out the task. The recording took place in the Czech Television Studio.

Sinfonia Argentina by Daniel Doura

At the end of November, a recording of Sinfonia Argetina composed by Argentinean composer US-based Daniel Doura took place in Czech Radio Studios. The project was among the largest we have had the pleasure to produce with 91 orchestra and 40 choir members. 

Project:                Sinfonia Argentina
Composer:           Daniel Doura
Conductor:          Roberto Montenegro
Orchestra:            Prague Metropolitan Orchestra
Premiere:             July 2016 in Vaticano (concert to the Pope)

Roberto Montenegro

Daniel Doura