1. Can I record the orchestra remotely?

Absolutely. As much as we would like to see you in person, we won't take it personally if you'd prefer not to travel to one of our fancy studios (to save money and time) and decided to go with a remote session instead.

You can simply join the session via Source Connect and access the recording process from your preferable studio, comfort of your home or anywhere else with connection. There is no need to install new software (access from any browser), and there is no additional charge. You will be able to communicate with the producers in our studios in real-time.

2. How much does the recording cost?

Probably less than you would expect. As you can imagine, the final price varies greatly based on the specific needs of your project. We regularly record projects as small as solo violin or a string quartet, and as big as a full-scale 100+ head symphony orchestra. In any event, we guarantee that recording with us is at the fraction of the price of what it takes to record an orchestra in, say, USA or UK.

The easiest and fastest way to learn about a pricing for your project, is to fill in this simple form and we will get to you instantly with a non-binding price estimate.

Usually 4 hours, with two short breaks. Since all the orchestra members are excellent and experienced sight readers, you can expect to record up to 15 minutes of your music in a scoring session this long. Naturally, if you only need to record a smaller piece of music, we can customize the length of the session, break it into smaller chunks (e.g. one hour scoring sessions).

3. How long is one recording session?

Any that suits your project. We can go anywhere from full-size 100+ seat philharmonic orchestra supported by a choir, to as little as recording solo classical guitar. As a matter of fact, scoring sessions of other than typical symphony orchestra ensembles represent large portion of our work. We have experience recording chamber ensembles, choirs, jazz big bands, string quartet (such as Apollon Quartet), solo vocals and instruments of all sorts.

Simply let us know, what instrumentation you need for your soundtrack.


4. What instrumen-tation is available?

Definitely. In case you are not planning on brining your own conductor, we will be more than happy to recommend phenomenal English-speaking conductors we (and our Prague Metropolitan Orchestra) regularly work with. 

5. Can I work with my own conductor?

6. What services do you offer?

Full service. We provide an extensive set of services to make your recording smooth and enjoyable experience. From giving you ride from the airport, to matching the finest musicians and sound engineers with the needs of your project, we strive to deliver an outstanding music quality of the recording. See the comprehensive list of our services and duties we perform: 

Recording Studios  •  Librarian services  •  Booking Conductors  •  Post-production (editing, mixing and mastering)  •  Producers  •  Technicians  •  Transportation  •  Accommodation (in our partner hotel)
And just pretty much anything else you may need us to help you with! 

Haven't found what you were looking for? No problem! Why don't you drop us a line, we'll get back to you shortly.